Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fire Drill: Thai-Style

In Bangkok, a fire drill is neither a demonstrative exercise of what to do in case a fire strikes one's building, nor is it an excuse to grab a cup of coffee with one's colleagues... no, no, no... this is Thailand, where a fire drill is a show!!!

First: there is a clearly announced time for the fire drill. No surprises here.

Second: the promotional fire drill posters have a spokesperson/mascot/"Guardian of Safety" and include some confusing instructions/acronyms/hand gestures:

Third: Once the fire drill has commenced and you reach the safety of the parking lot, you're treated to a spectacle, led by a rainbow spandex-clad MC...

Gas canisters are set afire and audience members are pulled from the crowd to step up to the place and extinguish the flames:


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  1. um what? we are having an earthquake drill at work tomorrow. i hope it will be similar to this.


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