Sunday, December 15, 2013

Diving Gili Air (Without Chuck): Halik

Almost immediately after recovering from her zombie eye affliction and heading back out into the deep blue, Chuck was plagued with yet another affliction: that of the stomach variety.  Sigh.  Poor kid.  I set her up with plenty of TP, Pocari Sweat (Indonesia's Gatorade, although I think it's technically Japanese) and the AC blasting and headed out for some diving by myself.  Don't think me callous: I checked in with her every hour and brought her drinks throughout the day, but there's only so much one can do for a person with Montezuma's revenge (what is the Indonesian equivalent of that?).

Sadly, the dives I did when Chuck couldn't join me were pretty amazeballs.  Within a few minutes of dropping in at Halik (a site Tim and I hit up last time we were in the Gilis) I spotted this super long banded sea snake... make sure to check him out full screen and in 1080p.  Also, wait for the end of the video when he swims away.... so big!  I bet he was at least 10 feet long, which is why I kept my distance, remembering quite correctly that he is venomous:

There was some turtle action, fo sho:

And then this big mofo: a dog-sized, colorchanging cuttlefish.  So cool.  I love how he changes from solid color to mottled to thick light and dark stripes...  I only wish my dive buddies woulda let me get closer.  Eh, I guess whoever has the bigger camera wins.  If my Blair Witch-style shaky cam below is not good for you, check out this video... amazing.

And the rest: nudibranch!, pretty coral and fish, moray eel at 0:18 (sticking his head out behind that large-ish grey fish), a lobster! at 1:03 (you can see his long tentacles/feelers/whatever you call them sticking out of the coral), Nemo at 1:15, pretty sea fans, some sort of red tooth triggerfish convention right below the surface at 2:53ish.

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