Monday, March 4, 2013

Channeling Katniss

Tim and I joined our friend, Gladys, this weekend for an archery trial session in the park near our house, Senayan Sports Complex (where, you may remember, we attended a very exciting soccer game).

On the way in (which took us an hour because we got a little lost... oops!) we passed this big statue of Rama brandishing his bow, which I thought was quite apropos:

Our instructor started off the session by asking us why we were interested in archery.  We gave stock answers:  it's fun to try something new, yada yada.  In reality, we were quite excited to channel our inner Katniss a bit (or maybe Geena Davis?).  And if I were being quite truthful, I would say that my interest in archery stems from both a fear of the zombie apocalypse and a bit of a crush on Daryl (although I guess technically he uses a crossbow).

The tool of the trade... wooden beginner bows (not as fancy as Tony's giant, badass compound bow): 

Tim and his quiver:

Gladys goes first (and gets a talking to since apparently we weren't supposed to take photos during the first trial session): 

Tim nocks an arrow:

Pretty fun!  None of us were particularly awesome, but neither were any of us terrible.  Tim probably wins for most bullseyes.  I think we'll try to go back for some additional lessons... why not? 


  1. Shout out! Those are sweet recurve bows, keep practicing!

    I'll buy you this one

    (Hunger games replica bow)

    1. Nice!!

      We want to go back for lessons, but the instructor was a bit cagey about whether there was space/time/availability. We'll see!

  2. Um Zombies and Hunger Games in the same post? You are out of control. The instructor wasn't sure if there was availability for future classes? is there a big archery obsession in Jakarta? Recent Living Social Deal?

    1. Yeah, we were confused about his hesitation, too. Dude, we want to pay you money for your services... No? Hmmm.. It was not dissimilar from the bed sheet buying incident of aught eleven:


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