Sunday, March 24, 2013

Candlelit Lunch

For some reason, the power has been failing recently in our neighborhood on a regular (daily) basis...  just for a few minutes at a time, usually, but enough to wreak a bit of havoc.  At our apartment and Tim's office the generator typically kicks in pretty quickly so things are not too disrupted, but other places are not as lucky. 

I met Tim at a Japanese ramen joint for lunch this week and the power went out while we were eating.  Candles came out, so we were treated to a candlelit lunch...  Tim said "Don't say I never treat you to a romantic meal."    

It was somewhat romantic until Jakarta's stifling heat seeped into the normally air-conditioned restaurant and we started sweating profusely!

Generally, though, we have it pretty easy regarding power here in Jakarta.  Other cities have more regular and long lasting power outages... Tim said that in Yangon there were daily power issues and in Kathmandu there was only power for about half the day.  I heard there was an issue with the power at the Super Bowl, too, so I can't complain too much.


  1. aaah, props to Tim for planning a surprise candlelight meal! And like all great dates, it ended up with you both hot and sweaty :)


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