Sunday, December 2, 2012


We interrupt your regularly scheduled barrage of orangutan photos to bring you some photos that have collected on my phone... funny/quirky/bizarre things from around town:

First... Asian Food Channel.  I appreciate that there doesn't seem to be a Rachael Ray or Sandra Lee equivalent on this channel, but there are some weird shows, man. This one, "Excellent Chef Series- Da Bing," which I believe is Taiwanese, is particularly weird.  The female hostess is dressed as below, in a maid's outfit with weird Pippi Longstocking-esque pigtails.  Her male counterpart is dressed like a butler with an exaggerated, painted on, curly, thin mustache (see here).  I do not understand.  Why?

This is Tim in the "Velvet Class" movie theater near our house.  Yes, it's a bed.  And, yes, they will bring you beer during the movie.  No, I don't know if Tim is wearing pants under there.

We actually prefer the "Premiere" theater to the "Velvet Class."  Premiere has La-z-boys, which are far more comfortable than the beds, which you tend to slide down... life is tough:

This is the creepy hallway at the location of my new favorite weekend activity: karaoke.  Only in the individual/private rooms, though.  Our friends Rob and Brooke introduced us this past weekend and I think I might be in love with karaoke.  I do think they need to work on the atmosphere in the hallways at the place we went, though, as it made it feel a bit like a bordello.  Maybe it was.

 I like this guy I passed on my way back from the hardware store.  If you want birds, he's got 'em:

And finally, a Christmas treat for you... this festive teddy bear who doesn't seem to understand that Rudolph had a red, shiny nose, not a red, shiny ball gag:


  1. oh, the ball gagged teddy bear got me real good. still laughing...

    1. I know, right? It took me a minute to figure out why this bear looked so, so wrong. Then I couldn't stop laughing (in the grocery store, by myself).

  2. Oh wow. I can't wait to receive that Christmas card!! Cause you bought it, right? Also, yes the la z boy does sound superior. I wouldn't want to risk any cuddling. gross.

    1. Oh, I bought several. And yes, cuddling is gross.


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