Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hue: Around Town

After almost dying of heat exhaustion inside the Citadel (I exaggerate, but it was really hot and we were really thirsty), we stopped for some sugarcane juice just outside the Citadel walls, just past the moat.

We sat on tiny chairs, of course, while a bunch of guys next to us fished out of the moat.  Not sure what they were hoping to catch, but to each his own, I guess:

Walking back from the Citadel to our hotel, we saw this sweet roadside stand designed to meet all of your aquarium fish needs:

All of your bamboo bird cage needs can also be met on that same block.  Move over, Target.  This is one stop shopping at its best:

We caught some photos of the tourist trappy, albeit quite pretty, dragon boats on the Perfume River:

One night our waitress told us there was a night market down by the river that we should check out.  Lots of folks selling this cute fruit lollipops... spiral peeled pineapple, peeled longans, etc.:

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