Friday, March 30, 2012

Rujak Manis

I tried a new (for me) Indonesian dish this week and was surprised by how much I liked it, as its description sounds a little bizarre/off-putting:  rujak manis literally translates as sweet salad, but it is basically a fruit (buah) salad (watermelon, starfruit, jicama, pomelo, rose apple, pineapple, etc.) topped with a special sticky sauce made from brown coconut sugar, dried shrimp paste (terasi udang), chilis, and tamarind juice (sometimes peanuts, garlic and other things are added, depending on the cook, but I don't think the version I tried had those things). 

The sauce is spicy, sweet, sour, with a weird but pleasant umami flavor, which is a nice contrast to the crunchy fruit.  Add this to my list of things to try making!  Perhaps using one of these recipes...

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