Sunday, March 18, 2012

Grocery Games: Lady's Choice

 Lady's Choice Mayo Magic... 1 liter of mayonnaise in a plastic bag.  
"Pilihan Nyam! Nyam!" = Yummy choice!  Yum!

I'm pretty sure this is a pigeon.  People in Indonesia are certainly not squeamish about weird, edible animal parts or raw meat of any sort in the way that Americans are. For example, there is a commercial that keeps running on the channels I watch (well, mostly on the Asian Food Channel) for chicken broth... the commercial involves a headless, featherless, raw chicken dancing around and then jumping into a big stock pot, bumpy chicken skin and all.  This would never happen in the U.S.-  the chicken would only be shown trussed and roasted.  Our delicate sensibilities would be offended by anything less "civilized."

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