Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Neighborhood Bike Tour

Ben just posted this cool video on Facebook that he took while tooling around on his bike in our neighborhood on the weekend (you can tell it's the weekend because there is no traffic).  He used his headcam- the same one he used for all of his great SCUBA diving videos.

Things to keep an eye out for in the video, in order of appearance:

1) Ben leaving our apartment building
2) Stray cats everywhere
3) Roadside food vendors everywhere
4) Push cart vendors
5) Motorbikes carrying 3+ people
6) The park where we attended some contentious soccer games (imagine that tiled area chock full of red-clad soccer fans)
7) One of the old-school, black-smoke-spewing buses that are everywhere in Jakarta
8) An overpass/pedestrian "flyover" (rickety metal walkways where you dodge fried tofu and sunglasses vendors)
9) the random empty field/shantytown by our house
10) Several three-wheeled, orange bajaj lined up on the street side (essentially lawnmower engines with an uncomfortable metal box on top)
11) One on the infamous open sewers to the right of the road
12) Our neighborhood plant store
13) The return to our apartment building (tolong belok ke kiri di sini!)

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