Saturday, January 21, 2012

Komodo: More Diving Videos!

Ben and Erin hooked us up with some of their great underwater footage from the Komodo dive trip... it's pretty awesome!

Definitely be sure to watch the "attack turtle" footage from our dive at Pulau Tenga.  You can see the whole progression (the meet-and-greet, the conversation, and both Geoff and Ben getting to first base with said turtle) as well as hear some commentary from Ben while it's happening (keep your sound on, at least at the beginning!):

They also took a cool video of several schools of fish swimming all around us in every direction:

They got some additional manta footage, which is great.  A close-up of the manta gracefully floating by:

Finally, they scored a little bit of dolphin footage, both from in the boat and underwater (the dolphins were not super interested in us...):

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