Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Songkran 2014, Part 1

First off, a Songkran greeting: 

Second, Songkran selfies:

Thirdly, our experience during the day on Sunday at the designated waterfight area in front of one of Bangkok's big malls, Central World.  Craziness!

We had a lot of fun getting soaked and soaking others at this Songkran party (see below), but compared to the shenanigans later in the evening, this was quite tame.  No chalk, no booze... just water and fun!

We definitely had fun later in the evening, too, at one of the other major Songkran sites closer to home, Silom, but I am having trouble getting my video to upload.  Consider it coming soon(ish)!


  1. This looks wonderful! I have a question: how did you keep your super soakers full? are there filling stations? Or did you have to carry a huge camelback? Also, i like that you called someone out for 'cheating'.

    1. Ha ha- you can pay a street vendor for cooler water, but at this particular site they had a hose with a bunch of nozzles off of it for refilling. Later in the evening we even refilled from large barrels of indeterminate and creepily warm water.

      That guy was totally cheating- his gun was hooked up to a hose!!! ;-)

    2. also, some peeps did have essentially camelbacks- usually shaped like Hello Kitty or some other cartoon character.


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