Friday, February 7, 2014

Scuba Diving in the Surins: First Dive at Richelieu Rock

Day 2 of our Surin Island liveaboard with Wicked Diving was all about Richelieu Rock.  Discovered (well, as a diving site) by Jacques Cousteau, the site is a standalone rock/reef in the middle of the open ocean.  We were lucky since our dive boat reached the mooring site first, so we had prime access to the dive site all day.  Good thing, too, because it was beautiful and we were happy to have time to explore it thoroughly.

A cresent-shaped limestone pinnacle, Richelieu Rock is gorgeous: absolutely covered in purple soft corals and more anemone waving in the currents than you can imagine.  Plus, since it's in the middle of nowhere, it's got some currents roiling around, bringing the big fish in, too.

Our first dive was pretty early morning, so the lighting in the first few minutes was a bit dark.  It quickly brightened up to show the pretty purple hues.

Highlights of the video:

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