Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bangkok Miscellany

Or a motley assortment of potentially interesting Bangkok stuff for you to look at since I cannot seem to come up with a coherent post these days:

From a ride on the MRT (the underground subway, not to be confused with the BTS, the elevated train system, although the BTS has similar signage), a sign indicating that the prime seating by the door is reserved for monks (in addition to the usual priority seating recipients):

 I love the absolutely enormous sweat drop descending from this cartoon guy's brow. That's pretty much how I look all the time in SE Asia, whether I am sticking my hand between train doors or not:

Walking near our house, this is the beginning of data collection to support my theory that you are never out of ear- or eye-shot of someone sweeping in SE Asia:

Some shots from the weekly wet market (giggle if you will, Meghan and Liz, but I swear it's a thing!) right next to our apartment.  It's pretty awesome- super cheap and good quality veggies and fruit, tasty prepared foods, fresh juices, random household goods and tiny clothes.  Sorry for the blurry photos- night pics are hard!  

A shot of the market's Christmas-themed (?) bounce house being erected (photo taken from our balcony):

Here is the roast chicken guy (we wanted the fried chicken guy, but he was sadly absent this week)... most tender chicken I have ever eaten.  The Bangkok version of picking up a rotisserie chicken:

Squid-on-a-stick lady:

The boiled sweet corn-on-the-cob lady... what exactly is that bucket of liquid she dips the corn in before handing it over?  Don't ask, don't tell:

Here are some fun grocery store finds...

Buddhist monk comfort packages... gift baskets for monks containing basic grooming items (razors, nail clippers, soap, etc.) as well as one with incense and matches.   You can buy these and then offer them to the monks as alms:

The refrigerated veggies section has an assortment of flowers... I haven't yet figured out what they're used for.  I saw them at the wet market, too.  Research project!

Rather than (well, in addition to, really) candy and gum, the shelves right by the cash register offers up "Bird's Nest Beverage" (remember bird's nests?), "Essence of Prune," and "Essence of Chicken.":

Tuk-tuk ride home from the grocery store... cousin to Jakarta's bajaj, the tuk-tuks in Bangkok no longer really make the tuk-tuk noise since they are all low-emissions vehicles these days... a pretty quiet ride:

Lincoln says, "Hey girl.":

Swan boats in the local park:

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