Monday, April 22, 2013

Ice Cream Sandwich, Singapore Style

In Singapore, the ice cream sandwich is quite literally a block of ice cream sandwiched in a slice of bread.  

When Tim and I were wandering about the city this weekend we stumbled on a cute elderly couple selling ice cream out of a cart... there was a line in front of their cart, which is what initially drew our attention, but what reeled us in was the fact that people were walking away from the ice cream cart looking ecstatic over something wrapped in pastel colored bread.

The bread is a little bit Wonderbread-esque, but pink and green pastel-colored and pandan-(and maybe a hint of durian?) flavored...  The ice cream is cut off of a giant block (hence the name of the treat, "potong ice cream," which means cut ice cream... check out the video link for the ice cream cutting in action), and the flavor options run the gamut from those you might recognize (chocolate, vanilla, et al.) to some truly SE Asian flavors (sweet corn, purple yam, durian, red bean...). 

Here's me, taking my first bite and trying to decide whether I am on board:

It was definitely refreshing! The bread part was better than I thought it would be- it sort of compresses in your hand and soaks up the ice cream as it melts, eliminating drips.  Definitely worth trying for the novelty factor, but perhaps not my absolute favorite way to eat ice cream... I still love the crunch of a sugar cone.

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