Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jakarta Update: It's Wet. Really Wet.

Dudes... since we got back to Jakarta, it has rained basically non-stop.  And by "rained," I mean poured.  Torrential.  Hour after hour...   Hard to tell from looking at my video above, but you can definitely hear it.  

The city is a mess: flooding everywhere is inundating people's homes, closing roads, stopping trains, causing landslides and generally wreaking havoc on life.  Check out some photos here and video here.  Some of Tim's employees took 4 hours to get to work, some didn't make it at all (stuck at the train station, unable to get to the office or home), most are battling endless roof leaks (like us... we've got buckets catching rain throughout the apartment).  Sigh.  It's pretty insane.

UPDATE: Holy crap, now the Indonesian President's palace is flooded, as well as the Hotel Indonesia Circle (Bundaran HI), right where I used to work (remember the photos I took of the protests at this circle earlier this year?):

photo from Jakarta Globe
 We are doing ok still, and avoiding flooded areas.


  1. oh man - that sounds not enjoyable. Luckily, you have lots of crafting supplies for these rainy days!

  2. Yeah, assuming we don't get flooded out and our electricity stays on! It seems like it's getting progressively worse... and it's raining again, to boot.


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