Monday, November 26, 2012

Gibbon Friend

Chrissy's favorite thing to see in Borneo was this gibbon guy, who we saw a couple of times at Camp Leakey.  At first he would just hang out in the periphery, biding his time, swinging around, tree-to-tree, at an alarmingly fast pace (apparently they can jump up to 50 feet and move as fast as 35 mph!)

Then, eventually he would scamper down...

... have a stare down with the orangutans while grabbing some bananas...

.... and then hightail it out of there.  It was hard to catch photos of him since he was moving so fast, but we got him jumping from a couple of angles:

Other times he moved a little bit slower, perhaps to placate the orangutans.  He looked very thoughtful while planning his next move:

Despite his best efforts, the orangutans still gave him the hairy eyeball:

So he moved back to the trees until they were finished:

I like this photo of him standing up because his arms are so freakishly long:

I found this video online, taken at Camp Leakey earlier this year, probably of the same gibbon, running down the raised platform leading to the dock with his arms above his head for balance.  Hilarious:


  1. ermerhrgerd Meg. Please make Chrissy aware of the gibbon video on your blog. It will make her entire year.


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