Friday, October 19, 2012

Car Free Day, Gangnam Style

Every time Tim and I ride our bikes during Jakarta's weekly Car Free Day we see something different.  A few weeks ago it was bike tricks and ondel-ondel dancers.  This week was a completely different kind of dancers, specifically the type that looked like they were striving to end up on one of those ubiquitous dance shows:

I think they need to work on their synchronization a bit.  But their song choice (skinny jeans on, skinny jeans on) was on point!

A few minutes later we had to stop biking after running into this massive crowd surrounding a group of kids doing ye olde Gangnam Style dance-along... so many people that I couldn't get in close for a good view, but took video nonetheless:

We saw some fun street art:

And some fun bikes, including a strange bike/scooter hybrid propelled by a guy wearing a fez who bounces up and down on it to make it move, as well as a couple triple-decker hipster bikes:

I always wondered how people got onto those tall bikes... a ladder?  Turns out, no, you just get the bike rolling and then carefully climb on (sorry for the blurry photos, I also on my bike, rolling along):


  1. This is top 5 best blog posts of all the blogs of all time. Can we go to Jakarta Car Free Day? It seems amazing. Also, you should consider becoming a talent scout.

    1. Make sure your time in Jakarta includes a Sunday morning and we'll hit it up!


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