Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Tim and I were Sydneysiders for this past week and loved it... Sydney is beautiful.  Lots of hills, bays, coves, sun, sand, clean (and brisk this past week) air, and crazy birds.  Tim and I were loving the ability to easily walk around, the chill in the air, the blue skies and Aussie cuisine (including beer and wine, gallons of it).

Bright Sun by the Sydney Opera House.

Plus we got to hang out with Amy and Adam, meet their adorable and well-behaved little boy, Alex, and hang out with Adam's big, boisterous and welcoming Aussie family for the week, which was awesome.  Some baby time, a little sightseeing, a few lessons in Aussie lingo, lots and lots of food.  

Triple A on the ferry to Manly.

More on our trip to Sydney and its environs coming soon!


  1. Has Tim been pumping iron? Hitting the gym? How'd he get those guns through customs? He is looking rather manly in this photo.

    1. If by "hitting the gym" you mean "eating lots of Australian sausage rolls," then yes.


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