Friday, December 9, 2011

We needed a couch; we bought a bar

Tim and I did some shopping this weekend... a big grocery run to Grand Lucky, a trip to Ace Hardware for stuff like voltage regulators and a grill, and finally some furniture shopping in the Kemang neighborhood in Jakarta. We needed to buy a couch, but we ended up with a sweet leather and wood lounge chair and a bar.  Oops!

We bought a bar!  Please send booze!
The bar, all closed up.

Can you see my ass groove on this chair yet?  It's forming quickly because we got our cable installed and I have access to the Asian Food Channel now... I am soaking up the various shows to know what to eat and what to cook when I get my equipment!  Very educational. None of that semi-homemade shit.


  1. I approve of the bar v. couch decision!

  2. He he... me, too. Need more booze to fill the bar, though! A trip to Singapore for Christmas shall remedy that, though. I hope.


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